Its been a while!

I don’t have a card to post today but I will try to get one up later on. Last week was very busy and so I didn’t have much time to post. We always go away for Memorial Weekend and this year we weren’t sure if that would happen or not. With the virus going around, we had to wait and see what our State decided to do. Relatively speaking, our state hasn’t been hit too hard so most of the State has been opened up with restrictions. So we decided to go ahead with our plans. We take our RV and are pretty much isolated within our family so we knew it would be pretty safe, especially as we planned on a mostly driving trip. The week was spent getting ready to go and in the middle of it I went into afib again, so that slowed me down as it usually does. I have been wearing a heart monitor so hopefully by the end of 30 days they can see whats going on.

We drove to Southwestern Utah and stayed in Monticello. The main reason we chose this area was because I wanted to see Monument Valley. Growing up in Scotland, I remember my Dad watching all of these old western movies and so many of them were filmed in and around Monument Valley. So I’ve always wanted to go there. It was about a 5 hour drive to get to Monticello and when we got there we were told that the Navajo Nation, who live on the reservation on Monument Valley, lock down on the weekends due to the virus. If we didn’t see it Friday, then we wouldn’t see it at all. So we quickly parked the RV and freshened up some and drove to Monument Valley so we could see it before it closed. It was stunning! Pictures don’t capture the sheer vastness of everything. I thought of my Dad and how he would have loved to have seen it. There were places we could have gone to learn about the movies made there but everything was closed, thats okay. I’m just glad I got to finally be there.

The next day we visited Natural Bridges, Goosenecks point and Valley of the Gods. The scenery was just spectacular. We came home a day early due to plumbing issues in our RV but we had a great time anyway. Its also nice to have a day at home and we plan on barbecuing tonight.

Goosenecks point.
This is Valley of the Gods.

I’ll hopefully be back with a card later today!

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