My daughter had surgery last week. She’s doing well now and we are hoping that the surgery will fix the issues she has had. She is hoping to head back to California as soon as she can. There’s been a lot of stress, naturally. That means that in addition taking care of my daughter, my body has to react to the stress. So I’ve been dealing with all kinds of issues which has slowed me down quite a bit this week. I get so frustrated when I can’t do the things I need or want to do. Do any of you deal with health issues that slow you down? I feel so useless sometimes.

I haven’t been able to get into the craft room much but here’s a card I managed to squeeze in.

This was pretty easy as I was just using some paper elements from Hunkydory.

All of it is just made from layering their beautiful papers.

If you look closely you can see that I have layered certain areas of the card to give it dimension. This is a Hunkydory decolarge kit which provides all of these pieces which makes it so easy to put a card together.

I also love the foiling on their papers. If you are new to cardmaking, this is a great way to start. I got my kit at http://www.paperwishes.com

I love the flowers and springtime feel in this card. For Mother’s Day I usually get some flowers to plant so I’ve been filling my planters here and there when I feel up to it. I love to look out and see beautiful flowers. They make me happy

I hope this post finds you well. I’d love to hear about how you handle chronic health issues and the anxiety that goes along with it, if that something you deal with. I’d love to hear from you in general so send me a message!

You can find my cards in my Etsy shop here: http://www.jasmineblossomcrafts.etsy.com

See you next time!

2 thoughts on “Hello!”

  1. Beautiful card you have made… I hope you and your daughter are feeling better to day. I got health issues that are slowing me down every day like fatigue. I want to do so much more out of the day, but my body is telling me no way. But I found out that having a walk gave me energy, so I try to fit this in to my schedule almost every day. Take care❤

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    1. Thank you Rist. It’s good to hear from you. I think walking is a great thing. I’d love to have the motivation to do it more often. We live across from a park with a walking trail and it would be so easy to put the dog on a leash and get out every day.
      I’m sorry you are suffering from health issues and fatigue. I see you are from Norway. A place I’d love to visit. Growing up we were told my maiden name was
      Norwegian but when I did my DNA there was no Norwegian to be found!! Take good care. 💕


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